I am Lisa Candera, a full-time single mother to a teenage boy with Autism. I am also a certified life coach, and a lawyer.

Up until two years ago, I lived in a constant state of stress and anxiety over my son’s struggles, my work responsibilities, and how to do and be it all.  I was:

  • Constantly gripped by self-doubt and fear

  • Endlessly searching for the next doctor, therapy, medication, diet or school

  • Perpetually feeling inadequate, or ill-equipped for the fight

  • Emotionally tied to what kind of a day/week/month my child was having

  • Shunning self-care as an unnecessary, selfish indulgence

  • Questioning how to keep going day after day, year after year

I no longer feel that way.

I radically changed my life by transforming my relationship with Autism and special needs parenting. I learned how to shift away from being a victim of my circumstances to being the hero of the story I get to write. The story where I am a high-achieving mom raising a magnificent child with ASD. And I am thriving.

I would like nothing more than to help you write your own success story.